...there has been much throwing about of brains.

Guildenstern (Hamlet II.ii)



Stellated Icosahedron



Now, not now, and Now..

Another video from codename: octave featuring excerpts of Gertrude Stein reading her poem "A Completed Portrait of Picasso," a soundtrack composed in 7-equal steps per octave, and works from the Picasso Museum in Paris.

An Incomplete Portrait of Gertrude Stein



Thanks to Our 2009 Foldplay Valentine's Day Kaleidocycle Spokesmodels

Okay, Orelia and Carey didn't know they were going to be the 2009 Foldplay Valentine's Day Kaleidocycle Spokesmodels, but they were really good sports about it, and they did get a couple of free kaleidocycles out of the deal. Carey was also our "hand model" for the photos of the finished product.

Unfortunately, foldplay.com went down on Valentine's Day and stayed down for about 12 hours, due to a hardware failure at our hosting service. Grrrrrrr..... We're apologize to all the lonely hearts who were unable to get to the site.



The Endlessly Rising Scale Meets the Endlessly Rotating Kaleidocycle

The sound track features an auditory illusion appears to rise endlessly in pitch, mimicking the visual motion of the kaleidocycle. The ever-rising sound is described in detail at the wikipedia article on Shepard tones.

Music composed by codename: octave.



foldplay launch: the aftermath

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